Tailored Relaxing or Therapeutic Treatments...


It is possible to tailor a session specifically to meet your needs. To help re-balance and restore optimal health, inviting harmony back into body, mind and overall well-being for yourself or as a gift package for a loved one while combining the various multi-holistic disciplines. e.g:​

- Private yoga tuition with restorative yoga for deep rejuvenation

- Well Woman Therapy: Therapeutic yoga for improved womb health and boost fertility, combined with: Thai Yoga / Sound / Vibration and/or Abdominal Chi Massage

- Yin Yoga with Thai Body Work that supports cathartic therapy release

- Yin Yoga with Sound Therapy for release of emotional and Subtle Energetic blockages. & Re-balancing

- Thai Yoga combined with deep Abdominal Chi massage to shift emotional imbalances and improved digestive health

- Thai Yoga Massage with Tok Sen Vibration Therapy -or- Sound Therapy

- Restorative yoga with Sound healing and yoga nidra (guided visualisation for deep rest, re-balancing and healing).

*Enquire to discuss your requirements and to arrange an appointment.here*

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Restorative yoga

Still your mind, rest your body and rejuvenate down to the deepest cellular level with the profound practice of restorative yoga, whether you're combating the stressors of modern living our recuperating from acute or chronic conditions.

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