Client Reviews

Feedback received from clients after receiving various therapeutic massages.

"Lovely Ling, I absolutely loved your Thai Yoga Massage. You adjusted your touch perfectly, use unique 'moves', take care of every little detail. I felt beautifully cared for, nourished by your touch. I drifted into bliss....I loved how you guided me 'back' at the end. Thank you so much for the experience."                                                                ~ Eija Tervonen, Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer.


"My Tok Sen experience with Ling Mann was amazing! The massaging was with a little hammer and was very gentle. By tapping on the meridian lines of the body she created a resonating vibration which I could feel deep into my muscles. I really felt all the energy blocks in my body being unblocked and the pains and aches being relieved.  After the massage I felt relaxed but full of energy at the same time!"                                                                                       ~ Pamela Capendale.


"Not sure how to put this unbelievable experience into words, but I'll try: It was powerful and intense.  And yet with Ling, I knew I was in safe hands and could let go and relax completely into the guided postures and massage.  The experience was deeply healing and at the same time revitalising. I am in deep gratitude to Ling for the incredible experience."                                              ~ Gerard Burgess.

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