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I'm Ling and live, cycle and teach in London, UK.  I've been practicing yoga since 2001, and continue to do so because I love how it makes me feel more youthful now than I did in my twenties.  Yoga gives me energy to live my active life while maintaining my mobility and zest for it.  The practice and teachings of yoga (and Buddhism), helps me be a better person.


I love how I can tap into the different facets of yoga to support the active life I aspire to live.  I am passionate in sharing these benefits of yoga to help people find freedom and mobilty in their bodies  from today's sedentary lifestyles.  And peace in their minds from over-scheduled lives.

My fascination with how the Human Body works and my passion in helping people find balance in their bodies has led me to study  and offer several Eastern healing modalities from Thai Yoga massage, Chi Nei Tsang, (Abdominal Chi),  Vibrational therapy with Tok Sen and Sound Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls.

May Health be your greatest Wealth,

Ling (^,^)


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Ancient city of Jerash, Jordan, TravelLing, 2010.

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